End Diet Rebound Forever. Get unstuck, Feel seen and supported no matter what life throws at you.

  • What seemed to work for others didn’t work for them. They wondered: “Is there something wrong? With me?”

  • Then they hired someone who mentored them, celebrated them, understood them, and believed in them. That’s when everything fell into place.

  • As it turns out, when a coach is invested in your betterment, it dramatically improves your ability to transform your health.

EvolveTransform Your Health and Thrive with Evolve U: Your Online Coaching Solution

Are you ready to take charge of your health and experience a lasting transformation? Look no further than Evolve U, our comprehensive online coaching program designed to help you achieve optimal well-being.

At NuhumanRx, we understand that building lasting habits is the key to sustainable health. That’s why we’ve identified nine essential health habits that have a transformative impact on your overall well-being, independent of specific diets. With Evolve U, we guide you through a systematic sequence of habit acquisition, ensuring that you develop the right habits in the right order to achieve remarkable results.

Our program is backed by scientific research and grounded in the principles of neuroscience and habit physiology. We empower you with evidence-based strategies, interactive assessments, and personalized guidance from our team of expert coaches. You’ll receive the knowledge, tools, and support you need to make lasting changes and take control of your health journey.

Say goodbye to traditional behavior change strategies that feel overwhelming and unattainable. Evolve U offers a refreshing approach that combines instant application with long-term maintenance. You’ll experience tangible results as you break free from the cycle of failed diets and discover a sustainable path to a healthier, happier life.

Whether you’re seeking to overcome physical pain, address emotional struggles, or achieve specific wellness goals, Evolve U is tailored to your unique needs. Our program goes beyond surface-level changes, addressing the full spectrum of your well-being—physical, emotional, and spiritual.
When you join Evolve U, you’ll gain access to our comprehensive resources, including educational videos that provide valuable nutrition information. Workbooks will help you stay on track and reinforce your learning, while tracking tools keep you accountable to your goals. Plus, you’ll become part of a supportive community of like-minded individuals who are on the same journey to transformation.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to unlock your full potential for a healthier, happier life. Join Evolve U today and experience the power of our habit-based coaching program. Our proven approach, personalized guidance, and supportive community will empower you to thrive and create lasting change.

Take the first step towards a better future.

Meet Your Master Nuhuman Coach

Adrianne Marie Ortiz

20+ years coaching

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Adrianne Marie Ortiz

20+ years coaching

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How It Works

    The program revolves around YOU. We will ask you a detailed list of questions via our custom intake form so we can learn more about your goals, strengths, opportunities, and struggles.

    Your coach will schedule a 60 to 90-minute kick-off video call, conducted face-to-face, where they will engage in a comprehensive discussion, review your responses, seek clarifications, and gain valuable insights into your specific needs to propel you towards progress.

    You’ll communicate with your coach via:

    • Bi-weekly video check-ins (30 minutes)
    • Unlimited in-app messaging (available 24/7)

    Your coach will suggest a research-proven path, tailored to your unique circumstances, goals, and preferences. Some folks might start with small changes, like drinking an extra glass of water per day, while others may opt for significant nutritional adjustments. Some may focus on sleep or stress before addressing diet or exercise.

    Regardless of your starting point, your coach will help you incorporate more changes over time—tailoring each of them to your unique needs.

    You’re always in control of the process. Your coach isn’t here to twist your arm, but to help you succeed.


    Life is unpredictable. As your circumstances evolve and change, so should your coaching. Stay pilot and will guide you in the direction of your goals no matter what life throws at you .

    Remove the guesswork on when and how to switch up your nutrition plan with reliable.

    Stay focused, on track and always in the direction of your foals with habit based coaching every step of the way so you stay consistent no matter what life throws at you .

How Much Does It Cost?

If you’re not happy with your results, we’ll give you back every penny.

Custom Fitness Programming

  • Strength & Conditioning Programming & Organization
  • Mobility & Flexibility Programming
  • Custom Workout Logs
  • Video Library w/ Follow Along Workouts
  • Custom Metrics & Goal Tracking
  • Form Reviews for Injury Safety
  • Monthly Movement Assessments

8 Custom 6 Month Specialty Nutrition Plans

$199 ea = 1600

  • Physiology Based Morning Routine
  • Sleep Master Plan
  • Stress Management Plan
  • Gut Health Protocol
  • Fat Loss Nutrition Plan
  • Maintenance Nutrition Plan
  • Recovery Nutrition Plan
  • Workout Nutrition Plan

Expert Coaching & Accountability

($399mo x 6= 2400)

  • 4 Hours of Coaching Call Time
  • Programming, adjustments, updates
  • Unlimited Text Support

Technology Trackers


  • Build in food tracker
  • Programming, adjustments, updates
  • All in One App

Bonus Resources

  • Video Library
  • Client MasterGuide ( recipes, demos, cheat sheets, meal prep ideas)
  • Assessments

What You Get:

All blueprints include: assessment , action plan, calendar , videos and link to additional resources.

  • Master Morning Routine Blueprint:
    Best practices to increase wakefulness, cognitive and physical performance.
  • Master Deep Restorative Sleep Plan:

    Sleep tool kit to improve sleep and wake cycles including best time to sleep, sleep enhancers

  • Bioavailable Macronutrient PLan:

    Protein, carb, and fat profile and sources for optimal digestion and utilization of fuel sources

  • Gut Health Plan:

    Food combinations, sensitivities, natural remedies for gastrointestinal issues, and probiotic/prebiotic plan

  • Stress Management Master Blueprint:

    The master plan combining all plans in a comprehensive easy to follow document

Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t see your question here? Send us an email at ortizadrianne@gmail.com

Evolve U coaching utilizes the power of our patented habit-based-progressional-nutrition model and the power of human connection to create a plan that strategically integrates your unique lifestyle and the Nuhuman step by step process to create the ultimate human co-creative experience you desire. We coach you until you get your results, or we end up coaching you for free.

ur coaches are selected on 3 criterion

  • Experience: each coach is a graduate of the NuhumanRx program so they will share their personal journey to help guide you through the emotions and expectations of each step.  Each coach has shared struggles in; emotional eating, anxiety, financial stressors, spouse strain, these are real coaches with real shared problems 
  • Education : our coaches range in holding varying academic credentials from 4 year  4 year degrees in health related fields such as; nutritional science, dietetics, exercise science, kinesiology, physiology, biology. To mas
  • Empathy: our coaches utilize a mix of ;positive psychology, behavior and habit coaching techniques to hold the appropriate amount of space and compassion for you. You will not feel alone or unsupported in your journey
Before your introductory meeting, your coach will send you an intake questionnaire. It takes about 20 minutes to complete and helps your coach understand your goals, preferences and routines. After submitting your responses, your coach will schedule your initial meeting.
You’ll use our coaching app to schedule your video sessions and send direct messages to your coach. The client app is supported on Apple and Android mobile devices.
No, you don;t need any special equipment to get started. You and your coach will create a plan that supports any equipment you currently have available. We recommend everyone take a baseline greens powder supplement. You can find a list of brands we like Here

That depends on the plan you choose

  • On the month-month plan, you will be billed once a month
  • On the 6 month plan, you’ll pay one every 6 months 
We want you to get as much out of your coaching program as possible. Nuhuman1-1 coaching comes with a 30 day risk -free period. Connect with a coach, try it for 1 month, and if you’re not satisfied with your experience , we will give you a full refund.

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